Journey Into Soul

...the journey of no other

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We are in the midst of the greatest shift of consciousness in all of human history.  What accompanies such a transition are great and quite notable shifts and changes in what 'used to be'.  All of what used to be has been in the process of being dismantled and dis-integrated from our personal and collective realities.  This process has not just been taking place now but actually over several years and for some, decaces.  Now that we find ourselves in 2012, all of it is accelerating at a pace that we could have never imaged.  Rest assured that there is no human being or living organism that is exempt from this process taking place.

We are in the midst of experiencing our own evolutionary leap. During this period of linear time, we will each have numerous opportunities to embrace a new way of being.  And it is within this simple action that offers each one of us to elevate our conscious awareness both os an individual and as a species collectively.  The one does effect the whole.  Remember, we are all connected even through it might not look like or feel like it.

We are all keenly aware that change, let alone transitions, can be quite challenging.  Letting go of what we have learned and become familiar and comfortable with is not easy.  To un-learning and un-abiding by what has been instilled within us throughout this lifetime can be and is very likely met with resistance of some sort.  It's human nature to want to be comfortable and feel familiar with our surrounding and experiences.  Yet, these are times of change.  These are times of recognizing more of what we can see and that which we cannot.  We are part of that which is seen.  Moreover, we are part of that which is not seen as well.  Those unseen forces, which we are, are showing up.

Releasing old paradigms of belief and what we've learned about living our life is presenting itself in a myriad of reflected experiences that present themselves directly and indirectly.  It is time for letting go of old habits as well as the pattens and ways of being that are no longer being supported by The Universe.  

The keys to experience more easeful transitions are truly simple: Simply surrender.  Simply allow.  Simply accept.  Simply surrender to each moment.  Simply allow the moment as it is, just as it is without commentary or action or thought to change it.  Simply accept the moment as it shows up.  These are the Simple Truths.  Too simple for our conditioned human mind.  Our ego will insist and tell us that 'there has to be more!'  So many have been asleep, with our ego mind in charge.  Our journey of awakening is changing all of this.  Journey Into Soul offers are a variety of tools and venues which facilitate transition, transformation and the development of human potential.

Bottom line, we are all in this together.  You are not alone.  We are journeying this shift in consciousness, our awakening, together.  This takes place both individually and collectively as a species.  Yes, as one and as many simultaneously. 

You effect the change within all things just as all things effect change within you.  Thank you for taking the steps as we all continue the journey to transition, transform and morph into our new paradigm of consciousness.  We are making a formidable and important mark in the evolutionary story of our humanity.

"There has been no greater time than now for all of humanity.  Embrace your experience within each and every moment as it shows up for you to notice.  The important thing to remember is not to be taken in and  drawn and quartered by the illusion of how the mind might translate what is being noticed, what is being watched."